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Бадюкова Кристина Валерьевна, ученица 8а класса.
МБОУ СОШ №1 г. Вяземского
Вяземского муниципального района Хабаровского края
Учитель Бабушкина Юлия Эдуардовна.

I have been living in Vyazemskyi since my childhood. It is my home town. I like it very much. Vyazemsky is not big, only 15.000 people live there. But it is situated in the ecological areal far from big cities (120 km from Khabarovsk). The air is fresh because there are no big plants and factories here. People drink clean water and breathe with fresh air. My town is especially nice in summer because most people have their gardens or vegetable gardens. They grow fruit and vegetables and plant wonderful flowers in front or their houses. At this time Vyazemsky is green and bright.
There are not so many sights in it. Some of them are: the Monument to the Heroes of The Great Patriotic war, Monument to V.I. Lenin in front of our house of Culture, the Memorable stone in the centre of the town, our Local museum named after N.V Usenko, monument to Russian engineer O.P. Vyazemsky and some others.
There are a lot of talented children in our town. They attend the Music school, Sport school and Art school. Our orchestra is famous in the Far East. A lot of children take part in sport competitions and become champions. The children from our Art school create wonderful paintings and take part in different competitions.
Our people are friendly and hospitable. Most of them love Vyazemsky and don’t want to leave it. They always celebrate the Town’s day singing, dancing and enjoying fireworks. People also like to spend time together into the open air. They have picnics at the bank of the Usury River, some of them make bonfires, other cook fish- soup on the fire. It is so tasty! But the most impressive rest may be watching blessing lotuses on the lakes in the country side. On the frontier with China tourists can visits unique lakes with lotuses in July. These wonderful flowers are on the Vyazemsky coat of arms, because they grow in our area and represent Far Eastern nature. Come and see!
I think that Vyazemsky is a wonderful place to live.

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