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Nikolaevsk and its nature

Евдокименко Ольга Владимировна
г. Николаевск-на Амуре Хабаровского края
МБОУ СОШ 5, 8 класс
Петренко Галина Викторовна -
учитель английского языка

My small town differs а little from other quiet provincial towns of the Far East. It can not boast of any unusual sights and exotic landscapes. The history of my town dates back to the middle of the 19th century when the town was founded on the bank of the Amur by Gennadiy Nevelskoy . Nikolaevsk was one of the main industrial centers in the Far East. But now the economic situation has been changed. In spite of it I am proud of my native town, of its rich history, its monuments, great forests and remarkable people.
I would say that my town is far from the civilization but it is full of interesting places. The best one is the Amur River . In the Khabarovsky Krai the river length is 1534km.The Amur is the blue route of the Far East. Millions of tons of various cargos are shipped by this river during a short navigation season. The wild nature of the town” suburbs is so unique!. The legendary Ussuri region is an ideal habitat for many rare animals, for example, the far Eastern leopard and the Amur tiger, bear and musk deer. The climate is severe enough, and the first snow starts in the middle of autumn. The town is surrounded by the great forests and hills. I can not help admiring of the town’s beauty in summer and in autumn.
In conclusion I would like to say that I hope that my town will be restored to life and people in our town will be rich and happy. Because the Far East is my house, and it keeps the rich history and the triumph of nature We need to save it.

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