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My native city Komsomolsk

Груздева Любовь Андреевна
ФГБОУ ВПО «Комсомольский-на-Амуре Государственный
Технический Университет»
ФЭМ-факультет экономики и менеджмента, Группа-1ЭКБ-1.
Преподаватель-Игнатьева Елена Александровна

For eight decades, the city grew sideways and upwards, gladdening the eye with wide new avenues alongside which sprang up contemporary high rises. The city has streets and squares named in honor of the famous work brigades who built the city and remarkable heroes who earned glory in pitched battles of World War 2. The city`s history begins on the shores of the Amur. A stone memorial, greeting citizens and visitors alike, was erected in 1967 as a historical marker listing the 1932 landing of the founders, the 1934 arrival on the river ice of the military constructors, the 1937 arrival of the women volunteers, and the 1967 arrival in the Far East of Yuri Gagarin, the world`s first cosmonaut.
The first city streets start from the banks of the Amur: Pioneer Street, Kirov Street, Peace Avenue, October Avenue, etc. First Builders Avenue is the city main thoroughfare. It begins with the Monument to the First builders erected on the shore for the city`s golden anniversary. This monument is in the modern style and is characterized by romantic achievement and dynamism.
The memorial complex “Native Sons of Komsomolsk” was erected to symbolize the heroism of native Komsomolsk men and women fallen in defense of the motherland during the fierce struggle of World War 2. The memorial was created by Komsomolsk artists and architects. The city`s architecture attracts looks from passengers arriving at the river port. If you are interested in the past and present of Komsomolsk, begin your exploration of the city with a visit to the regional museum. In its halls and numerous sections and exhibits you will see the city in miniature, familiarize yourself with its history, and its natural environment.

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