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White Nights of Samotlor

Шуруто Александр Вячеславович
МБОУ СОШ № 14; 11 « В» класс

Since 1976 festival «The nights of Samotlor» is held in my city. The holiday lasts three - four days in the middle of June. Exactly here the white nights last most long. Samotlor is a lake where nearby oil is distracted. «Samotlorsky nights» is festival of arts, work and sports. The tradition of it was put once by young builders of Nizhnevartovsk. Among his first organizers are Evgenia Petrovna Ardasheva, the head of department of culture of those years, and Cayman Suleymanovich Zamaletdinov heading department of promotion and propaganda of a city town committee of CPSU. The action usually means a complex of various festivities, concerts, exhibitions. The holiday of “Friendship of People” passes in the street with the same name. The dramatized procession of national public organizations and non-profit organizations of an ethno cultural orientation open it. On the day of celebration there are «ethnic platforms» in Druzhby Narodov Street which reflect culture of the different nationalities living in Nizhnevartovsk. People dance their national dances, cook and demonstrate their national dishes. Opening and closing ceremonies of festival «Samotlorsky nights» as a rule pass at Tsentralny stadium, with the assistance of creative staff of cultural and education institutions, and also youth public organizations, school and university students of the city. In addition, well-known musicians are often invited. For example, Dima Bilan, Mr. Credo, Chelsea group. On days of festival «samotlorsky weddings» are played traditionally. The newly-married couple welcomes the city during the holiday. It passes under slogan «The family is strong — the state is strong». The opening and the closing ceremony is followed by great fireworks. Nizhnevartovsk is the unique city in Russia which keeps the tradition to meet short summer with a festivity during white nights.

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