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Surgut, sights

My name is Djeyran. I am of 14 years.
I love a place where I live in Russia
though was born in another country.

The city in Russia, is located in Uralsk federal district, an administrative center of Surgut Khanty-Mansiysk on the autonomous region area, the big city of area. The River port, is the biggest in Priobe.Important iron of knot and highway (the biggest in the north of Western Siberia).
Surgut is the large industrial center of the biggest oil area, Surgut — informal «the capital taking oil» Russia. Farman Salmanov was the pioneer of Oil in Surgut. In Surgut one of the most influential power stations of the world of the state district power station 1 and the state district power station of 2 works. The population of Surgut about 308 500 inhabitants.
In Surgut it is a lot of sights which can be interesting to tourists. Special attention of travelers cause a transformation Temple and other churches of a city.
In 16 km from a city the mountain Barsova on which existed ancient xantimansiyskoe a sanctuary settles down. In territory of Surgut the Holmogorsky treasure — an archaeological monument of history and culture in which the unique meeting of ancient relics (cult ornaments, iron-wares, daggers, knifes and other arms is found) The best university, in my opinion, in Surgut is the Surgut state pedagogical university — the state educational institution of higher Khanty-Mansiysky on autonomous region vocational training — Jugry. The university carries out training within the limits of 6 abilities - philological, physical preparation and sports meets, psychology, management, in the social relation humanitarian, well-being communications.
Surgut is the surprising city, its beauty has no borders. I love Surgut very much!

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