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Tomsk, the history of the city

By Evgeniya Bespalova,
the student of 9th form gymnasium 26, Tomsk.
The teacher: Anisimova Anna Alexandrovna

Usually people who have visited Tomsk say that this town has the special atmosphere. What’s the secret of the hospitable place? The most common association with the name of my town is its wooden architecture. Looking at The house with firebirds, everyone falls down to fairytale. On the other hand, only wooden sights can’t make the spirit of Tomsk.
Maybe Tomsk’s sense of humor makes people feel comfortable there? There are a lot of funny monuments: the one to Chekhov, monument to home slippers. No, it’s not enough.
I’ve caught the idea. Maybe Tomsk is so special not because of some reason but contrary to something? Tomsk was called so because of the name of the river Tom’ (it means ‘dark’). This town was a place of exile. As opposite to this facts Tomsk inspired a lot of people to make something significant. Khalfina, Tomsk writer, is well-known in Russia. The Tomsk poet wrote lyrics for hits like ‘It’s impossible to be so beautiful’, other ones. I’m an ordinary schoolgirl, but the spirit of my home town makes me to write poems too. Look at this one.

I watch a Siberian spring.
We know that all trees must be green,
A river must friendly splish-splash,
That eyes must be lightened by flash…
We know, it’s a very strict law.
I’m sorry but it is not so.

Look, what a fabulous sight!
The white snow is stereotype.
Do you believe in it? Hey,
Siberian snow’s always gray!

Tom’ is not fond of its banks,
And a peasant has given his thanks.
I’m not sure I need to repeat
(There aren’t words we used to read).

A bus helps me color my suit
By fresh, grayish, wonderful mud.
Forgive me but I have a right
To say that the peasant was right.

You’ve watched Siberian spring.
You can say that all trees must be green,
The river must friendly splish-splash,
That eyes must be lightened by flash…
There must be a miracle… Well,
There is, I’ve forgotten to tell.

The peasant, the river, the mud
Make better my serious mood.
They’re awful, I know it. Then
I love them how nobody can.

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