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Legend of the White Lake

Anastasiya Kilina,
Grade: 8 B
Teacher: N. G. Okorokova

My name is Nastya Kilina. I'm 14 years old. I’m quite by nature but my friends say that I have a great sense of humor. My hobbies are singing, playing the guitar, dancing. I like swimming and playing the piano. I live in a Tomsk and study in 55 gymnasium. The most interesting school subject for me is Maths and English. In school I study very well.

This must be a lot of beautiful places in the world. In its historical centre of Tomsk on the Resurrection Hill there is White Lake. According to that legend it was dug by the Tatar chieftain Eushta. Many years ago he was on a high mountain where he was grazing horses. There was plenty of lush grass there, but little water. Horses became weaker and weaker. Eushta made up his mind to dig a lake. He worked all day long and was lucky to make a great pit which immediately filled with water. That was the place from which my town began to grow. According to the legend, the lake water was not light and healthy first. Everybody remember the story about Tom, a beautiful girl, who returned to the lake its magic power. Once upon a time there lived Toyan, a good and honest prince. Next to him lived another Prince Basanday, who was a cruel and greedy man. Once Toyan had to ask Basanday military help. Basanday agreed to do it but took a promise that the latter would give him his daughter Tom. She had been loved by the Tatar governor Ushay. Toyan delayed the deal. Basanday got angry and unleashed the war against his neighbour. Ushay was killed in the unequal struggle. The army of Toyan was defeated too, as a lot of warriors died because of some terrible disease. People drank fresh, healthy water from it but it was helpless to make people feel better. Tom came to the shore of the lake when she lost her beloved. She had stick herself in the chest with a sharp sword. Within an hour the water of the lake became white. Since then sick people had come to the lake and recovered. The lake is my favourite place in Tomsk and I hope it will preserve its beauty for the next generations of local residents of Tomsk.

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