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Legends of Tomsk

Покидов Антон Андреевич, 11 лет
МБОУ СОШ №32 г. Томска
Учитель английского языка – Подрезова Елена Федоровна

My name is Anton. I live in Tomsk; it’s an old Siberian town which is famous for its numerous universities, unique wooden architecture and friendly people. I really love my home town and want it to become better and better every year. I will tell you a wonderful legend connected with Tomsk. Once upon a time on the bank of a great Siberian river there lived a khan, Toyan by name. He had a son Ushai, who was very strong and brave and no one could compete him in shooting, hunting and fishing.
One day Ushai went hunting and all of a sudden he came across a lovely girl who was listening to birds singing. Ushai fell in love with charming Toma at first sight as he was stunned by her beauty. Toma in her turn couldn’t help admiring Ushai’s strength and skill in shooting. Ushai and Toma started meeting with each other and their love grew stronger day by day. They were extremely happy and wanted to be together forever. Unfortunately, Toma’s father Bassandai was against their love and forbade Toma to marry Ushai. She was in such deep despair that ran to the river where her beloved lived and threw herself into it. Since that time the river has been called the Tom. When Ushai got to know about his bride’s death, he decided to commit a suicide too and jumped into the river on the bank of which Toma lived and that river was named after him – the Ushaika. It is a legend but very true to life. There’s no secret that Siberian people often used to call rivers and lakes by the names of people who drowned there.

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