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I love you my town Kolpashevo!

Жуков Константин обучающийся 9г класса
МОУ «СОШ №7»
г. Колпашево, Томская область, 2012г.

The town of Kolpashevo is 270 km off Tomsk. Kolpashevo as the village has existed since the beginning of XVII century. In 1938 December 4 Kolpashevo was given the status of the town. The population of Kolpashevo - about 26300 people.
Togur Church
Kolpashevsky toll was a symbol of unity, brought together and equalized all men before God. On the Kolpashevsky ground there were 5 churches. The oldest of them - Togur Resurrection, is a stone church, built in 1818. It was the only surviving of the five existing ones.In 1818, instead of the wooden church in the village Togur stone church of the Resurrection of the Lord and in the name of St. Nicholas was erected. It was closed by authorities in 1920 to 1946, now it is the only stone church in the region outside of Tomsk and its surroundings. February 20, 1995 by decree of the President of the Russian Federation, it is included in the number of historical and cultural monuments of federal significance. The church stands in the center of the village and is expressed architecturally dominant. It was built on the people's money.
Today, the city and region have different cultural institutions. From 1936 the Kolpashevo museum is functioning with a rich collection of archaeological and ethnographical materials. In the center of Kolpashevo is a unique natural cedar park.
Town stadium - the center of Kolpashevo sports life. All athletes of the town come here. Tournaments in football, basketball, hockey and other sports take place here. Athlete's Day - a holiday that unites people of different professions and ages. Young athletes and veterans participate in competitions. Volleyball, basketball, chess, table tennis, shooting and athletics are included in the program of competitions. Bright lakes Not far from Kolpashevo there are two unique natural monuments - Bright Lakes.The first is located 12 km south of the city, towards the village Novoilinka. Second -24 km, near the village of Maraksa. In the lakes there is a large number of fish. In the outskirts of lakes there are a lot of berries:cranberries, blueberries, currants. Currently Kolpashevsky district is one of the important industrial, transport, social, and cultural centers in the north of Tomsk and plays a prominent role in public life and economy of Tomsk region.

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