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Ilyinsky. My native place.

Панина Анастасия Александровна
МБОУ СОШ №1 п. Ильинский, Пермский край,
ученица 6 «В»
учитель Сажина Екатерина Сергеевна

My name is Nastya. I was born and live in Ilyinsky. Ilyinsky is located in Perm region. It is a small settlement. It is also a typical settlement as hundreds in our country.
And it is far from Moscow. But we think it is the most beautiful and comfortable place to live. Before 1771 our settlement was one of the most famous settlements in the region. At that time there were tens of such small villages. There were only two churches, a school and some workshops and a mall. Then in 1771 the administrative building appeared in Ilyinsky. Later a new church and a hospital were built there.
In the mid of the 18th century the settlement became the biggest in Ilyinsky. It was the capital of the Stroganovs’ estate. The master of this area was Gregory Dmitrievich Stroganov, who was died in 1715.
In nowadays there are a lot of sights which are connected with their past. They are libraries, museums, churches, streets, clubs, e.t.c. The Stroganovs just don’t live here; they have developed art and culture there. They built temples and buildings in these places. That is why the local place has got the name ‘Stroganovs’ estate’.

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