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Деревня Сычёвка

Якушина Елена
ГБОУ СОШ №1924, г. Москва
Ученица 7б класса. Учитель – Ловкова Я.С.

The Motherland is the place, where it is cosy for me, where I am happy and I feel unhappy if my Motherland has problems. I shall always miss if I am far from my favourite place. In my opinion, it is not necessarily a place where you were born. Of course, you can love your city or town, but the native area, your home, you must choose yourself.
"My Motherland" is my village in the Tula region. My grandmother lives there and where I always come for a weekend and summer vacation. It is very beautiful in all seasons. In winter snow covers the fields and trees. Snowy crust glistens in the sun. In spring everything becomes green. You can hear the beautiful singing of birds and fall under the first heavy rain. You can see in blossom apple-, cherry-, pear-trees and wild roses. In summer large fields are covered by different crops: wheat, oat, millet, barley, corn, rye. You can eat juicy strawberries, delicious raspberries, sour cherries, sweet currants here. It is marvelous to watch how beautiful flowers grow on your own eyes. In autumn as if by magic all trees and bushes change their colours. They have quiet and sad colours: brown, yellow, orange, red. These leaves fall down from the trees and cover the paths, roads. This colorful autumn carpet is unforgettable.
There's a club in the village. Different activities and competitions take place there. In summer the youth goes to the disco every day. Sometimes people go to the cinema there.
I also love my "small Motherland" because I have many friends here. We like to play hide and seek or just chat in the evening. My close friend is Oksana. She and I can walk in the country, ride a bike, go on fishing, pick up mushrooms and strawberries, swim in the lake and play badminton.

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