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Попова Виктория, Константинова Надежда.
7А класс. Учитель Диярова Эльмира Раисовна.
МБОУ гимназия г. Советский Тюменской области ХМАО-Югра

We cannot imagine our life without our small town Sovetsky in Khanty–Mansi Autonomous Okrug . Everywhere we go, we always want to come back. It is a town and the administrative center of Sovetsky District.
Every town has its own history, traditions and Sovetsky does as well. It was founded as a settlement of temporary appointment in 1963. It was not so populous then, but now population has increased and town has enlarged. About 26500 people live here. There are some sport centres such as "Olymp", “Ratibor”, swimming pool "Sadko", billiard club and others. The modern stadium was built recently. Our athletes are our pride. They present our district at the country’s level.
The best place to relax with family and friends is our park. Here we can have fun, go on the rides, enjoy the fresh air, just spend time. Also public events are held in the park.
Every year on the 9th of May we have parades and set the fireworks to honour the veterans of the Great Patriotic War. People lay flowers on the monument called “Nakaz Materi” (The Order of Mother”). Not far from it there is Art School where children learn to play musical instruments, dance and paint. We can watch movies at the cinema “Luch” and enjoy performances at the recreation center “Sibir” (“Siberia”). Our town is small but we love it very much.
Welcome to our native place!

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