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Hello, my name is Chekov Danil.
I am a pupil of the 7V form, school №20.
My English teacher is Vakhmyanina Elena Gennadievna.

I’m from Surgut. I like to study English. I’m fond of hockey very much. I’d like to tell you about my native town Surgut.

I live in Surgut, the town of the Tyumen region. Surgut is one of the oldest settlements in Siberia, founded in 1593, it means “rich in fish”. The archives suggest that it was in the reign of Ivan the Terrible (1547-1584). That’s when the first explorers came to this region. A big part of the region is covered by permafrost. In the north is tundra, and then comes a narrow strip of forests. The administrative centre of the Tyumen Region is Tyumen. Surgut is situated in the Khanty-Mansi National okrug. In the fifties and sixties, oil and gas fields were discovered in Western Siberia not far from Surgut, and Surgut has become the country’s main oil producing area. Sometimes it is called “the oil capital of Siberia”. Surgut is situated on the bank of the Ob River. The Ob is deep and navigable.
The population of Surgut is about 400.000 inhabitants. It occupies the territory of more than 100 square kilometers. The climate of our region is very severe, winters are frosty and long, and summers are hot and short. But the north attracts people like a magnet. So people of many nationalities live and work here.
Our region is rich in oil and gas. It was rich in wood and fish many years ago. Now it is the land of gas-men, oil-men, drillers and builders. Everybody knows GRES and “Surgutneftegas”. There are many schools, cinemas, supermarkets, shops, different offices in our town. The picture of Surgut is changing from day to day. There are many new beautiful buildings in our town now. The main street is Lenin Street. There is an airport, a railway station and a landing-stage in our town.
I like our cinema “Aurora”. They show many interesting films very often there. I like to visit disco club “Akvilon”. Our Surgut has many beautiful sights, such as the Monument to the first founders of our town, the monument to the soldiers killed during the Great Patriotic War, the monuments to the different famous people and many other monuments. We have even a monument to the Smile!!! Now Surgut is not only a large industrial centre of Russia, it is a big centre of science. I think in future Surgut will become a town of high culture and well-developed industry.
I like my town very much and I like to live here.

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