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Taganrog, sights

Бигари Александр,
ученик МОБУ СОШ № 21 11«Б» класса,

С детства увлекаюсь историей и английским языком. Этот конкурс для меня идеальный способ выразить мое отношение к данным предметам и моему любимому городу.

...''And both get off somewhere near Taganrog among endless fields...'' This is the line of a famous song. Some people perceive our town just like this. But Taganrog is the greatest town I've ever seen because there are a lot of historical places closely connected with this name. One of them is Chekhov's House which is in the heart of every citizen. Each of us saw this small chalky outbuilding of the 19th century. By the way, it was the first Chekhovs' own place of abode. The family that moved to Politseyskaya Street in 1859 became very famous afterwords. There were three rooms, a kitchen and a small storeroom in Chekhov's birthplace. One room immediately became a nursery, another one was parents' bedroom, the third one was a dining-room, a sitting-room and Pavel Egorovich's study at the same time. Now the modest furniture is recreated almost in original. One can see a bureau , several icons in the left front corner and an ancient relic, the collection of orthodox life stories in the sitting-room. There is a simple wooden bed and a chest of drawers, above the bed there are portraits of Chekhov's father and mother in his parents' bedroom. The Chekhovs' movement out of the house took place in 1862 when active and enterprising Pavel Egorovich began to look for a new flat for his growing family. Then the World II War broke out, German forces took everything they could but didn't touch Chekhov's House. When our town became free, the House was reconstructed and open for visitors.
We are also proud of our Alferaki Palace, a large building attracting by its unusual architectural décor: a portico with four Corinthian columns and heavy moulded decorations in baroque style. At first it belonged to the Alferakis' and only many years later it became a museum.
You can't describe everything that we can see in Taganrog in several words so I invite you to visit it and see our historical places with your own eyes.

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