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Taganrog. My native town.

Крук Мария
Учащаяся 8 «А» класса
г. Таганрог

Taganrog is one of the most ancient towns in the region. In XVIII century it was larger and more important than Rostov-on-Don. It was the only port on the South of Russia which dealt with foreign countries. In wartime Taganrog had been occupied for two years but thanks to Russian soldiers’ courage the town was liberated. In November, 3, 2011 Taganrog got the proud title “Town of military glory”. And now I invite you to have a fascinating journey on the places of interest round our town.
One of the main sightseeing in our town is the “Taganrog dramatic theatre” named in honor of A. Chekhov and founded in 1827. A remarkable company works there. Staying in Taganrog it would be great to visit other Chekhov’s places: Chekhov Shop where he had to serve, Chekhov House where he was born and lived, the high school where he studied, Chekhov Library and Chekhov’s stature . Anton Chekhov is a proud of our town. Inhabitants of Taganrog admire their fellow-towns man, but not only Chekhov was born here, also an actress Faina Ranevskaya , a song writer Mickle Tanich and a children writer Ivan Vasilenko.
Also it is worth to admire the ex-palace of Alexander I .They say that he died here in 1825. Now I invite you to go for a walk in the “Gorky Park”. It is the oldest park in the South of Russia; it is more than 300 years old. In summer you can either marry-go-round or hide from the burning sun, but in autumn walking along the paths you can enjoy rustling leaves underfoot. Our town is rich in museums, art-galleries, monuments which are worth to visit.
The best time in Taganrog is summer, when the town is in bloom and counters in the market are bursting with a number of fruit and vegetables. Taganrog is situated on the shore of the Azov Bay . It creates the atmosphere of a resort town and also gives Taganrog the right to be named proudly “the town near the sea”. Welcome to Taganrog!

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