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Taganrog – Gorky Park

Александрова Татьяна Владимировна, 8 «Б» класс
Школа №21 города Таганрога

В свободное время тренируюсь в граффити, занимаюсь брейк-дансом, слушаю музыку и путешествую по просторам всемирной информационной паутины. Для описания я решила взять любимое место жителей и гостей Таганрога – парк имени Горького. В парке часто происходят весёлые мероприятия, например: масленица, новогодняя ёлка, разные соревнования и просто танцевальные и музыкальные выступления, день победы и день города, и многие другие.

There is a beautiful place in Taganrog – Gorky Park. It was named in honor of Maxim Gorky in 1934. In the park people can take a walk in the shade of trees, ride on attractions with the family or just have a rest on a bench reading an interesting book. The main entrance is from Petrovskaya Street. After entering you find yourself on the central alley of the Taganrog City Park from which you can get to any corner of the park. It is also called «The Gymnasium Alley» because it starts from Chekhov Gymnasium.
There are some different interesting places and monuments:
- the Eternal flame at the central Alley of the Gorky Park;
- the sculptural composition "The Egyptian Pyramid" dedicated to Anton Chekhov's “ Kashtanka” – a short story, which was set at the entrance to Gorky Park from Maliy Sadoviy Pereulok;
- The memorial plate- is the place in the park, where the meeting of Taganrog citizens was held after the liberation of Taganrog in Aug.31, 1943;
- The monument in honor of Three Soviet fighter pilots who died during the liberation of Taganrog in August 1943.
The park has many attractions, as old and favourite as new ones, for children and adults. There is a room with laughter, small and large Ferris wheel in our park. Here you can find even a small "zoo corner" with newly built shelters for animals and birds. At the branching paths there are pools for fish with iridescent scales that glisten in the sunlight.
One of the paths is named The Artists Alley which is the meeting place of art-amateurs and professionals in summer. Here you can buy your portrait, landscape of the park or other sites of our city.

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