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Taganrog is one of the most beautiful towns

Выполнила: Астахова Анна
6 «В» класс МОБУ СОШ №24
г. Таганрог
Учитель: Бондарева Т.Э.

Taganrog is one of the most beautiful towns and ports in the South of Russia.
Taganrog was founded in 1698 by Peter the Great. In 1709 Peter the Great came to Taganrog.
He was glad to see the town. He liked it. And a harbour impressed everybody. And a castle was built to defend the harbour. Firstly the castle was called Troyitzkaya-on-Tagan-Rog. Then it took a name of Taganrog.
By the 18th century the population of Taganrog was 10 thousand people. In 1898 when Taganrog was 200 years a monument to Peter the Great was founded on Petrovskaya street. The statue was made in France and brought to Taganrog. The monument to Peter the Great was opened on the 14th of May in 1903. There were a lot of flowers and flags around it. M.M. Antockolsky was an architect. This statue is a pride of our citizens. Ekaterina the queen has never been to Taganrog but she took care of it. Azov fleet was famous all over the world.
The first church named Troitzkaya was built in the town. In 1823 the first stone staircase was built in our town. From here you can go down to Puskinskaya sea coast. A.P. Chehov a famous Russian writer was born in our town.
There are a lot of places connected with his name: a house of Chehov, lavka of Chehov, Chehov Theatre, Chehov’s gymnasium where his studied. In 1806 the first gymnasium was opened in our town. Now it remained it Chehov’s name. At school №2 which is a gymnasium there is a desk where great writer sat and a lot of his books. He was curious and talented. Now there is a museum. A lot of people visit it. Chehov wrote about the people of Taganrog in his stories. He loved our town very much. He sent a lot of books for our library. And one of the streets has the named of Chehov. The citizens of our town are proud of Taganrog.

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