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Taganrog and its seasons

Закутайло Алина
6 «В» класс МОБУ СОШ №24
г. Таганрог
Учитель: Бондарева Т.Э.

The weather is an important factor for comfort and human activity. People should live in the climate suitable for life. All time long I have been living at the place where there are four seasons and I could not imagine life in Taganrog, If the weather was monotonous all year round. In winter the weather is frosty, snowy and freezing cold and I love it in Taganrog very much. Children from others countries can envy us. It is difficult to think about Christmas and New Year holiday without snow. Then Christmas and New Year seem so sad unnatural, holiday is fake. In winter optimal temperature in our town is 10 degrees below zero.
In spring the weather is wet. Snow melts. At this period of time grass and leaves on the trees are green. Spring and autumn make nature beautiful .This varied climate helps me to be more dynamic .Also I like watching trees in blossom . They have flowers in spring; they are green in summer; colourful in autumn and white in winter. It is wonderful, isn`t it? In summer the weather is sunny and hot. Summer boiling hot sun cheers me. But sometimes it`s rainy. In summer I swim in the Azov sea, cycle and go rollerblading. I enjoy it very much! The most fascinating thing in summer is that we don`t have to go to school.
In autumn the weather is cold and windy. But I love this colourful season. Also in September the school year begins! The alternation of seasons is quite important for me. My life varies with the weather. In Taganrog it is more impressive and dynamic. My life will be full of joy, if nature keeps changing around me in Taganrog.

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