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The history of Taganrog

Чумаченко Артем
6 «В» класс МОБУ СОШ №24
г. Таганрог
Учитель: Бондарева Т.Э.

Taganrog is an industrious town. In the past it was a merchant and military town. Its history started in the 3rd century B.C. The ancient Greek sailed across two seas The Pont Evksinsky (The Black Sea) and the Meotida (the Azov Sea).The Greek ships were small wooden ones. Any storm would easily break them, so they sailed not far from the coasts. They founded Greek settlements which were situated in the neighbourhood. Tanais was near the future Taganrog. It was a territory of the Bosphor Kingdom. Tanais had more freedom. It had existed for 8 centuries.
It was destroyed by the Goths in 237 AD. The Sarmats rebuilt it. Tanais turned into the centre of agriculture and trade. In the 5th century AD it became neglected. Through in the 12th centuries Peter the First ordered to built a fortress and a harbor on the Cape Tagany Rog. An engineer Laval who had ruled the construction of Azov built the fortress. On the 12th of September 1698 the construction started in a new place because of the wrong work. Matvey Simunta built that new settlements. This day is an official date of the birth day of Taganrog. The fortress “Cherepashka” defended the harbor. It was situated on the handmade island. At first that system was used in Russian.
After Sevastopol foundation Taganrog lost its war importance and became a merchant town. During the Creamea’s war English's-Franch's sqadron went in Azov Sea in May 1855. They bombarded Taganrog. In August they out from the sea. In the 19th century the town was a centre of trade. In 1870 it joined date with Rostov-on-Don. Then it was industrious. During the 2nd World War there was an anti-fascist (Taganrog's underground) in Taganrog. Now it has the title "City of Fame". I love my town very much!

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