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Taganrog, I like my native town

Морозов Николай
5 «В» класс МОБУ СОШ №24
г. Таганрог
Учитель: Бондарева Т.Э.

My native town is Taganrog. It stands on the Azov sea. The population of Taganrog is three hundred thousand people. Taganrog has got interesting history.
It was founded by Peter the Great and you can see a big monument to him near the port. Many famous people visited or lived in my town. Pushkin, Tchaikovsky, Durov, Alexander the 1st, Vasilenko, Ranevskaya were in Taganrog. But Taganrog is known in the world because A.P.Chekhov was born here. There are a lot of places connected with his name: a theatre, a library, a house where he was born, a monument to Chekhov.
There are a lot of factories, plants, enterprises in my town. Workers, engineers make cars, planes, equipment, build houses. Taganrog has got a lot of schools, colleges, universities. There are a lots of museums, libraries, an art gallery, a theatre where we like to go. Our Gorky park is one of the best in the country.
Taganrog is a town of sportsmen. There are a lot of stadiums, sports centres, clubs at schools, and sports sections for boys and girls and adults . Some famous sportsmen who won gold medals live in Taganrog. The most famous is David Rigert –he won a lot of world championships and he was an Olympic champion in 1976 in Montreal. In spring and in summer there are sports competitions in my town. People like to watch yachting competitions in the port. I play football, it is my favorite game and with my team we won many medals and prizes. I was in many towns: Smolensk, Sochi, Gelendgik, Novorossiisk, Rostov on the Don but I like Taganrog best of all.

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