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Taganrog, 314-th anniversary

Меня зовут Евгений Кузьменко.
Мне 16 лет. Я учусь в 10 «А» классе МОБУ СОШ 21.

Любимый школьный предмет — химия, но и английский занимает важное место в моей жизни.

This year the citizens of Taganrog will celebrate its 314-th anniversary. Taganrog was officially founded by Peter the Great on September 12, 1698. It was the first Russian Navy base. As it turned out, Peter the Great tried to conquer the Turkish fortress of Azov to get an entrance to the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea. But his first Azov campaigns in 1695 failed. His second attempt was more successful and led to victory. In order to possess Azov and hold off the Turkish Navy, the tsar ordered to expand his small war fleet. Due to this fact, Taganrog became a very important fortress in the South of Russia.
Taganrog is one of the first Russian cities, which was built according to a detailed plan. The building and construction of the seaport, fortress and town were generally completed by the end of the first decade of the 18th century. it was the first artificial seaport in Russia. In 1710 Turkey started a new war against Russia. Russian troops were surrounded by superior Turkish forces near Prut River. The Russian tsar had to sign a treaty returning Azov to Turkey and destroying Taganrog. The city was refounded by Catherine the Great in 1769.
In the 19th century the city had rich private residences and social buildings. Taganrog became one of the largest industrial cities of Russian South.The foreign investments into Russian economy influenced the development of a large-scale industry in Taganrog. In 1866, the new city theatre building was erected by the Italian architect. Thanks to the excellent acoustics of its hall, the Taganrog Theatre gained a nationwide glory. The Taganrog Theatre named after A.Chekhov.
Nowadays Taganrog is the town of military glory. It’s a great honour for all Taganrog citizens. I believe that my native town will be more and more beautiful each other year.

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