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Taganrog, interesting facts

Я, Коростелёва Эмилия Владимировна.
Родилась 14 января 1998 года.
Учусь в 8 «В» классе школы №21 г. Таганрога.

В свободное от школы время танцую, пою, учусь играть на гитаре и общаюсь с друзьями через Интернет. Мой родной город славится разными памятниками и местами, о некоторых из них я написала.

Taganrog is a large city, located on the shore of the Taganrog Bay of the Azov Sea. Many different people lived in this place- there were settlements of the Sarmatians, the ancient Greek colony. The unique climate of Taganrog attracted here many famous Russians. The Russian Emperor Alexander visited Taganrog and lived here, the Great Russian writer Anton Chekhov was born in Taganrog. And today Taganrog is not only the industrial center, but also a city resort, a place where there are many historical attractions, remaining from its interesting history. Every year many tourists come in Taganrog to see its sightseeings: to take a walk along the quays of Taganrog and the Pushkinskaya quay, to take a walk through the historic center, where there are many ancient beautiful mansions, to climb the famous Stone staircase, which has a beautiful view of the sea and the city. Here you can see the giant sundial, which marble face still shows the time.
There are many monuments in Taganrog - the most interesting of them are: the sculpture of Alexander I, Peter the Great, the Russian actress - Faina Ranevskaya and of course the sculpture of Anton Chekhov. You should definitely go to the Museum of aviation equipment and to look at 11 military planes, weapons and rockets. Those who are interested in archeology it is necessary to visit the archeological Museum-reserve of Tanais, located between Taganrog and Rostov-on-don, to walk through the ruins of the old ancient town of Tanais, to get acquainted with the fortifications of ancient inhabitants.

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