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Welcome to Umyot

Никулина Анастасия Андреевна
ученица 10 класса
МБОУ Уметская СОШ
Тамбовская область
Учитель английского языка
Абдурахманова Галина Расуловна

Every person in the world has his own Motherland, where he has been living from his birth. As for me, I have such a place too. It is Umyot, a large village, located in Tambov region. Umyot was formed in 1932. The population of Umyot is more than 5 thousand people. There are no high buildings, no traffic.There is a wonderful club in Umyot. Children of different ages and adults can do various activities there. In the centre of the village there is a park with a monument to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. Umyot land gave four heroes of the Soviet Union: F. M. Sonnov, M. T. TrusovA., I. Efimov, N. P. Markin. We remember the heroes’ names, who gave their lives for our Motherland.
Our school is big and light. It is not rather old. It has many classrooms. We have an English classroom, History, Geography, Physical classrooms and others. They are big and light. Wonderful teachers teach us. I love my school very much.
Our nature is very beautiful. There is a little river Vyazhlya near Umyot and a big river Vorona. You can see a green countryside and beautiful landscapes. The green lawn carpets are punctuated here.
There is a museum in our place. There you can see some exhibits where documents and private things are displayed. I like my village.

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