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Tambov region, Tambov district, Stolovoe

Крысанов Александр,9В класс
Пудовкина Инна Николаевна,
учитель английского языка
филиала МБОУ «Новолядинская сош»
в с. Столовое Тамбовского района

I want to tell you about my native village. Stolovoe is situated in a picturesque forest place twenty five km from Tambov and about five hundreds km from the capital of our country.
It is a village with an ancient history. The history dates back several centuries. The first name of the village was Alexandrovskoe. There were seventy houses where 466 men and 460 women lived. They were serfs. The village was located along the traffic path from the rich village Bondary to Tambov. People stayed overnight there, fed their horses, that’s why it was called Stolovoe.
Then the village belonged to the landlords of Bakunins. The manor-house was surrounded by the landscaped park and near the pond. Behind the pond there was a fruit garden. The mistress of the manor spent winters in Moscow. At that time in the village there were three schools and two churches, some private shops, a windmill and some brickyards. The village was considered rich. There were 1500 cows, 2500 horses, wheat and potatoes were grown. Now Stolovoe is a modern village with the high buildings, the hospital, the bank, the post office and the cultural places such as the country club, the library and the school. In the center there is a monument dedicated to the soldiers who died in the Great Patriotic War. But the traces of the past are around us. We rest in the Bakunin’s park, go fishing to the pond and gather apples in her garden. We are proud of our village and its history.

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