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Nizhnekamsk. Svyatoi Kluch.

Закирова Диляра, Закирова Динара, Гаязова Алина
8б класс, Муниципальная общеобразовательная школа-интернат
«Гимназия-интернат №13»
Фалина Луиза Геннадьевна, учитель английского языка
2 квалификационной категории

…Say, where does your Homeland begin for you?
With your favorite bench by the tree,
The slender and beautiful birch in the field
That bends to the wind blowing free….

Words by M. Matusovsky
Translated by I. Fedulova

Where does your Homeland begin for you? Our Homeland begins with our native town and its beautiful nature and its places. There are a lot of places of interest in Nizhnekamsk. Our guests like to visit parks, squares, monuments, pay their tribute to those who perished in the war, visiting the Eternal Fire. But we consider the best pace in our town is “Svyatoi Kluch”. It is really wonderful sight: blue line of the river, hills, the composition of the fountains and streams. A harmony with the world of the nature zars there.
We like to go to Svyatoi Kluch in autumn. This time the nature shows her fresh and vital beauty. The trees show their colors: yellow, red, orange, violet, pink. The birds sing their farewell songs and dance in the air. The light warm wind blows from the river Kama. The magnificent nature of this place has inspired many poets and painters living in Nizhnekamsk.
Svyatoi Kluch is one of the loveliest places for the newly-weds. To visit this place is a part of marriage ceremony. All guests are in high spirit, they drink the Champaign, propose toasts and cry “Gorko!” This means that the newly-wed have to kiss in public. It is hard to say if people are able to enjoy the picturesque nature… They are full of their own happiness.
Svyatoi Kluch is very popular among another category of people. In the evening old man and woman walk up and down by its narrow streets. Children ran and throw the coins into the fountains. They believe it brings them success and happiness. The romantic atmosphere of this place is very attractive to the sweet-hearts. They sit on the benches and whisper to each other loving words.
In conclusion we should say that Svyatoi Kluch is very important place in our life. For us it symbolizes happiness, love, strong family, childhood and old age. It is a place where generations came and went, where time stands still. It is our native town. It is our Homeland.

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