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Welcome to Andreapol!

Ученица 10 класса Бобарыкина Надежда,
руководитель: Линкевич Наталья Ивановна
МОУ СОШ №3 г.Андреаполь Тверской области

Andreapol is the first town in the upper reaches of the Zapadnya Dvina (the Daugava in Latvia) river. It is situated 550 kilometers (340m) west of Moscow, on the Valdai Hills.
In the name of Andreapol we see words from the Greek language, and many people associate the beautiful name of the city with Greece or Italy. It sounds unusual and poetic; but actually it took its name from the first name of the landlord Andrew Kushelev. Many years ago Andreapol was called Dubna, the settlement of Dubna was first mentioned in chronicles in 1489, later the place was known as Andreevo Pole and then the original word Andreevo Pole developed into Andreapol. The reason for the name was the establishing a spa resort in 1811, because the owner thought the new name could attract visitors to that spa. Andreapol is known for mineral water sources, which were visited by many famous people such as Karl Rossi, an architect, Baron Alexander Rosen, the governor Vsevolozhsky and many officers - veterans of The Patriotic War of 1812. In 1907 a rail line reached the district and a railway station was opened. Nowadays Andreapol district is mostly an agricultural aria, though there are some industries, such as logging industry, a porcelain plant, saw-mill plant, etc.
Andreapol is a place of tourist destination, especially in summer: the nature of the district attracts travelers with the beauty of lakes, dense forests, clear air, pure water, rich vegetation and animal life. Welcome to Andreapol!

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