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Lake Brosno and its monster.

Гаркушина Елена, ученица 10 класса
Руководитель: Линкевич Наталья Ивановна
МОУ СОШ №3 г. Андреаполь Тверской области

There are a lot of forests, rivers, and lakes in Andreapol district. It is especially rich in lakes, we have more than 150. Lake Brosno is the deepest among them and the most popular place of fishing and hunting. But there is a fact which makes this place unique: the lake is full of puzzles and mystery.
As the legend says, a monster lives here. Once upon a time Lake Brosno was connected with the Baltic Sea; and this horrible creature is supposed to get to the lake exactly there from.
Local residents tenderly named it Brosnya or Brosnie by analogy to Scottish Nessie. Described as being a 16-foot long, dragon-like creature, with a fish- like or serpentine head, this animal is said to have spread terror throughout the residents of small villages around the lake. Many witnesses say that they saw a head of the big animal over the water looking like a head of a dragon or a dinosaur and also a long thin tail sticking out of the water. According to their descriptions, it is a scaly creature, like a reptile, of the size not less than five meters.
The legends of this monster have been told and retold for centuries. One of the most famous tales associated with the dragon describes its encounter with the Tatar-Mongol army that headed for Novgorod in the 13th century. Their leader, Batu Khan, decided to stop his troops on the shore of Lake Brosno and to have a rest. The warriors allowed horses to drink, but when the horses came to the lake, a colossal roaring beast emerged from the dark water and devoured animals and soldiers alike. The troops were so terrified that they turned back and Novgorod the Great was saved. Many tourists and expeditions tried to take pictures of Lake Brosno monster, but failed. As for scientific explanations, there are a lot of them, though not all scientists believe in Brosnie.
Nevertheless I think The Brosno is worth visiting. Even if you don’t manage to see and take a picture of the dragon personally, do not be upset: you may enjoy fishing, boating, swimming or just walking on the coast of surprising Lake Brosno. If you’ve got interested of this story, you can also watch a video and find some information about our lake on the Internet.

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