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Zapadnaya Dvina

Иванов Юрий Александрович,
ученик 8 «б» класса МБОУ «Западнодвинская СОШ №1»
г. Западная Двина Тверской области

The great trade route "from Varangians to Greeks" went along the river that gave its name to the town Zapadnaya Dvina. Zapadnaya Dvina is a small town, a district centre situated in the south-west of the Tver region. Long ago there was only a railway station between Moscow and Riga and several villages surrounding it. Gradually a railway station and villages united into a settlement that got its status of a town in 1937.
The town is situated in a picturesque place on the banks of the river Zapadnaya Dvina that flows into the Baltic Sea. The town is surrounded by mixed forests, swamps, rich in berries and mushrooms. Different kinds of animals and birds can be seen in the forests: bears, moose, hares, wolves, foxes, wild boars, weasels, martens, and others. Numerous lakes (more than 70) with clear water are full of fish. Hunting and fishing are very popular among the people living in the town and in the neighbourhood.
During the Great Patriotic War from October 6, 1941 till January 21, 1942 Zapadnaya Dvina was occupied by Nazi troops. The Memmorial in the square near the railway station is a special place for all the townspeople.
Nowadays Zapadnaya Dvina is one of the most modern and well-equipped district centres of the Tver region. Recently, its appearance has changed significantly: new buildings, entertainment centers, shops, sports facilities were erected. In 2007 Zapadnaya Dvina was awarded with the diploma for the first place among the towns of the Tver Region in the All-Russian contest for the title of "The most comfortable town in Russia".

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