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The History of Rzhev Coat of Arms

Паркина Анастасия, Смирнова Анна, 9 класс
Руководитель: учитель английского языка высшей категории
Волкова Галина Владимировна
Образовательное учреждение: МАОУ «СОШ № 13»,
г. Ржев, Тверская область

If you look at the modern Rzhev coat of arms you will see a golden lion with lazur eyes, claws and tongue standing on its hind legs on the dark-red background.
According to the reform of 1775 one of the oldest Russian towns – Rzhev became a county town and in 1778 the town got its own coat of arms. In the “Description of the Heraldic Images of Tver Province” it was mentioned as “Rzhev. A standing lion on the red background”. At the same time in numerous manuscripts the armorial emblem of Rzhev was described in a different way: “Rzhev Volodimirov. A standing lion on the red background, part of Vladimir coat of arms”. In the XVII- XVIII centuries the town of Rzhev was called Volodimirov but we still don’t know for sure why the coat of arms had this name.
There is a legend of a certain Prince Vladimir – the defender of the town who could be Vladimir Serpukhov – a prominent associate of Dmitry Donskoy. He owned the town twice and this was probably preserved in the memory of many people. Another version is that the second part of the town’s name – “Volodimirov” could encourage the creator of the coat of arms to draw a lion on the red background in association with the city of Vladimir which had a lion with a cross on its emblem.
The history of Rzhev has been full of heroic deeds. Many times our town had to defend itself from the enemies and a lot of battles took place on its territory. Rzhev has had a glorious history and we think that the lion representing bravery and strength truly reflects it. Rzhev coat of arms is beautiful and bright as the history of our town.

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