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Ставропольский край
Сорокина Лина Дмитриевна
Ученица 5 класса «А»
Учитель: Коханюк В.О.

Each person in the world has his own place where he always comes back. This is the homeland, the land where he was born, grew up. For me it is a generous, warm and kind town called Izobilny. Our town is one of the most beautiful small towns of Russia. It is beautiful in any season but in spring and in summer it is a carpet of green grass and different flowers.
The Town Arms will tell us about Izobilny and Izobilny district. A new one was presented in 1995: the shield is cut into three parts. In the upper part there is an industrial building with high chimneys which means power electric station. In 15 kilometers of our town there is the most powerful thermal hydroelectric station in Russia. To the right and left of the centre there are two silver towers with burning torches on the tops. In the middle part of the picture you can see eleven silver spikes of wheat in gold. In the bottom there is an inscription «Izobilny» in azure. The shield is framed by a gold wreath of oak leaves, intertwined with a ribbon with the colors of the national flag. Above the shield of the town you can see a date-1895, the date of foundation of Izobilny. Blue in the upper part of the heraldic shield symbolizes the peaceful sky. The picture of industrial building is a symbol of growing industry. Towers with burning torches symbolize the gas industry. Golden color of the bottom part of the heraldic shield is a symbol of a developed agriculture of the region. Eleven white heads of wheat on a gold background represent the traditionally rich yields of wheat. Izobilny is famous for its wheat and thanks to it our town got its name.

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