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Kislovodsk (Medovie waterfalls)

Абрагимов Темирлан Эреджибович
Сант-Петербургский КК МО РФ
Кадет 2 курса

Kislovodsk is a Russian city-resort formed in 1803. Number of resort institutions in Kislovodsk is larger than in all other cities-resorts. Besides a developed medical base, it attracts by magnificence of the nature. One of such places is legendary Ring-mountain, more precisely, a reach-through hole in it. A moment, when the setting sun throws its last rays in the ring, remains in the memory of those, who have seen it, forever. It is also impossible to forget rocks, Castle of guile and love and Medovie waterfalls.
Medovie waterfalls In its free fall from height of 18 m the waterfall forms thick jets, rushing down with noise. It is the main waterfall. Almost near it, behind the next turn of Alikonovka there is another one, even heavier waterfall, forming several cascades. Paths are laid by the waterfalls through rapids and rocks. In hot days near the waterfalls it is always cool and in the time when the sun look into the gorge, splashes of water play and sparkle by all colors of the rainbow. Nectareous grasses, from which, probably, the name of the waterfall is originated, grow here, on the slopes of the valley, for the whole summer. Proud of Kislovodsk is a medical resort park – a repeated winner of international competitions of monuments of garden-park art, an owner of the highest prizes for wonderful landscape architecture, delicate taste and great diligence of its creators. The first trees of the park were planted by soldiers of Kislovodsk fortress yet in 1823 and in 1829 young Pushkin walked about the young park. An old part of the park has many architectural sights: Narzan gallery, a resort exhibition, Lermontov’s ground, Mirror pond with a Glass jet is situated on the left bank of the Olkhovka river in 700 m from the Narzan gallery.

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