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Nevinnomyssk, Stavropol Region

Резникова Анна, Армавир
1 курс факультета иностранных языков
Армавирская государственная педагогическая академия

My name is Reznikova Anna. I come from Nevinnomyssk. It is a small town in the South of Stavropol Region. My hometown is situated at the confluence of two rivers – the Kuban and the Zelenchuk. Nevinnomyssk was founded in 1825. First it was a Cossack settlement, and later on in 1939 it received the town status.
Nevinnomyssk is an industrial town which has two chemical plants. One of them is “Azot”. This enterprise is famous in Russia for its fertilizers, spirits and even rocket fuel. The second is “Arnest” which produces cosmetics and household chemicals. It is also well known in Russia. In our town there is an ancient legend about its name. It is based on real events.
The legend says that once mountain dwellers took a lot of women and children from the village (which became Nevinnomyssk a bit later) and in this location at the confluence of the rivers, on the Cape, were about to start a massacre. Fortunately, the Polish army led by Pan Pelikh freed innocent people from homicide. That’s why the Cape was named “Cape innocent”" or “Nevinnomyssk”.
Every citizen knows this story and we are proud of it.

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