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Settlement Temizhbexiy

Гречищева Валерия, учащаяся 7б класса МОУ СОШ №4
посёлка Темижбекский
Новоалександровского района Ставропольского края
Учитель: Воронкина Наталья Васильевна

My native place is settlement Temizhbexiy. Nobody knows the origin of this name, it can be an object for research. The settlement is situated in the south of our country in the region called the Northern Caucasus and namely in Stavropol Territory, Novoalexandrovskiy District. It consists of the central part and 5 smaller settlements lying nearby: Slavinskiy, Krasnokubanskiy, Yuzhniy, Vostochniy, Ozyorniy. That’s why you can see 6 yellow stars on the flag of our municipal formation. Our settlement was founded in 1930 as a state farm, now it is a joint stock company, one of the leading producers of grain. The population of about 5 thousand people is represented by 28 nationalities. The villagers are very sociable and hospitable, no one leaves Temizhbek family without tasting our main food borshch, that is really delicious . The village has a favorable position; we live not far from the river Kuban. My villagers like to go there for picnics or fishing. You can spend a thoroughly enjoyable time swimming in the river, walking in the picturesque surroundings, cooking shashlik. The settlement is full of orchards and flower-beds, you can’t help admiring it in any season. One important fact is worth mentioning in connection with flora of the place. It is our wonderful birch tree in the yard of the local school. The birch was planted by Meliton Kantariya, a famous soviet soldier, who hoisted the victory banner on German Reichstag in May 1945. Schoolchildren take care of the birch tree and often have social and cultural programmers under its luxuriant crown. There is Valentina Gerasina Monument near our school, who was killed in World War Two. The bell chime of the church in the center blesses my villagers to live in peace and harmony.

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