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Moscow, Rublevo

Семёнова Ксения Сергеевна, 9 «А» класс
Школа №731 ЗАО г. Москвы
Учитель: Анжела Александровна Ли, высшая категория

Семёнова Ксения Сергеевна

I live in Rublevo. It is situated in the west of Moscow on the right bank of the Moscow River. The main street is called the Vasiliy Botilev Street. Historically this street started from Rublevskoe highway and went until the northern border of Rublevo. Nowadays the part of the street which began on the territory of the Rublevo Water-pipe station is closed, and today the street starts right in front of the station entrance. Before 1973 it was called the Kirovskaya Street, although after the World War 2 it was renamed after a famous that used to live here in Rublevo called Vasiliy Botilev. But in 1938 he moved from Moscow to Sevastopol. Vasiliy Botilev was a student at that time. Vasiliy took part in the World War 2 since he directed the outpost of the Azov Flotilla roads in the Eysk in 1942. Later on he was given a new assignment, he became the deputy leader of a squad in the marines, which landed in a narrow zone of Malaya Zemlya in 1943 and had an unequal battle with their enemy. Starting September 1942 he was a battalion commander in the marines. In 1945 he started teaching specialized subjects in the Armory school of the black sea Navy. After the war he did different jobs in the Navy, but he left the Navy because he fell ill. He was awarded the orders of Lenin, of the Red Banner, of the Red star, of the Patriotic war.
On the Vasiliy Botilev Street, in house number eight is a memory board in honor to Botilev. At the end of the street is a church which was built in 2008.

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