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Heroic Stalingrad

МОУ гимназия №5 Ворошиловского района
Учитель английского языка:
к.ф.н. Белоножкин Сергей Геннадьевич
Ученик: Абубекеров Камиль Рафаильевич, 9 «А» класс

We live in Volgograd, which is known all over the world as the city where during World War II Nazi invaders were stopped by Soviet army. At that time Volgograd was known as Stalingrad. One of the most important and difficult steps on our way to victory was at the end of 1942, when German troops approached the suburbs of Stalingrad. When it happened, Soviet army was concentrated along the right bank of the Volga. The battle between Soviet and German armies under and in Stalingrad is known as “Stalingrad Battle”. It was so difficult for the German troops, that even general Paulus, one of Hitler’s most reliable warriors and strategists, understood the inevitability of German loss in Stalingrad. He tried to persuade Adolf Hitler to leave Stalingrad before it was too late…

“…My Fuhrer, our troops are disabled in Stalingrad. This winter is very rough and we are low on resources. We still have a chance to run over the blockade and join German army on the southern front. I need your approval. Fridrikh Paulus”

We all know the answer of Hitler. When Russian soldiers captured Paulus, who was hiding in some basement in the city centre, they found out that he had written a letter of good-bye to his wife as if understanding that it was the end for him:

“Dear Helena,
I am writing to say good bye ... Soviet army is planning to assault our troops soon. Our defense forces are not numerous … our Fuhrer commanded us to stand till death…”

This was the beginning of Soviet victorious march to Berlin.
Stalingrad Battle was one of the greatest battles of World War II. It showed the example of human courage and valour. It proved that Soviet people could reply to any type of aggression. And we’re glad that we live in Volgograd, because this is the place where history once changed.

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