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Surgut, interesting facts

МБОУ СОШ №10 г.Сургут
Учитель Ромасенко Ирина Нуртдиновна

What is more ....
Surgut - something more than just a city. If you ever - ever went to other cities and even for a week and just enjoy Surgut like me, you know what I mean. In every street of the city you're looking for someone else that is native. And after a few days you've long for him on such a beloved mother, and, in Surgut. I do not understand how can you not love a city where you grew up? After all, this is where you spend the best moments of my life.Childhood. Every time you hear on the news, the words "In the city of Surgut," and after that what is good, you begin to rejoice. When you hear Surgut - Petrochemical capital prosypaets pride. Or when you read the book and find out that the bridge is listed in Surgut Guinness Book of Records, you forget about all understand that this is a small village where we grew up capital and the words to the Guinness Book of Records. But this is not final. And the finale of this city will not. It will stand forever.
Surgut - something more than a place to live. Taking a walk on a summer evening on the streets of Surgut you can enjoy the view. We have something for visitors. Big - Ben, Quantum Bridge, City - center, a museum of old Surgut, Surgut theater with beautiful ploschadyui many others no less beautiful monuments and just parks. We have much to be proud of. Yes, even the fact that our city is not in the comfortable climate. And not a Muscovite whether southerners would not be able to skate at the rink, or just enjoying the warm weather for a walk in -25. Not one, but we can. After all, we Surgut. Surgut something more. Motherland, home, pride, memories, accomplishments, life, childhood. Surgut. For us, Surgut this city means a lot. And it is much the most beloved and dear.

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