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Surgut, interesting places

Ведрашко Денис
Сургут МБОУ СОШ 46 с УИОП

Well, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Vedrashko Denis. I am a student of the 7 th grade at school number 46 in the town of Surgut. Our town is situated in Western Siberia on the river Ob. It is famous for oil and gas industry. There are lots of unique places in the town. Among my favourites are museums of Fauna and Flora , the church , Khanty and Mansy museum of etnos. But it is not a secret that the majority of people are proud of our Surgut School of foreign languages, the so called «Big Ben». Mr. Evgeniy Barsov, one of our town s famous and hard-working builders is considered to be the owner of this school. This unique building was built in 2004. It has been the School of foreign languages since that period of time. It should be mentioned that the director of school is Timothy Gler who is an honored teacher from Great Britain. Many tourists who come to visit our town admire that building which I also love most of all. Many of my classmates attend classes of English French and even Chinese here. Me too prefer to study English at «Big Ben». When I send the photo of Big Beg to my pen pals from Great Britain they were greatly surprised and our School of foreign languages became the most lovely place of interest for them.
If you have a look at this building you will love it at first glance !!! Surgut «Big Ben» is our real pride and I am absolutely sure that everybody would be happy visiting the town and admiring Big Beg. Welcome to Surgut ! Welcome to Surgut «Big Ben»! Thanks a million for the opportunity to inform you about our Surgut «Big Ben» !Your contest is super !!!

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