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Surgut, legends of town

Student: Vladislava Domakhina
School: 15
Form: 9A
Teacher: Ivankina Lyubov Anatolyevna

Hello, my name is Domakhina Vladislava. I was born in Surgut on 8 March 1996. So I decided to dedicate the story to this unforgettable season. My hobby is collecting coins from different countries and studying English. What are my feelings about this town? I can tell only one: “If you come to Surgut, you will never want to leave it”.

The day of crow.

It is a holiday of Khanty. For the first time this day had been celebrated when the crows arrived. But now it is celebrated on 7 of April. The arrival of crows connected with the coming of spring and warmth. Because it is the first birds that come to build their nests. They also croak and cry waking nature.

The legend

It is said that crow was white and it lived with Khanty in their tent. But the hard times became, because of starvation. So crow went to look for a meal. It was not waiting for a long time. It found carrion, ate it is fill and came back to Khanty. People could not believe their eyes: when crow left to people it was white, but now it is black as soot. And when Khanty knew that crow ate carrion, they drove up it from their tent. Because eating carrion was shame and stupidity for everybody who had troubles. But crow always arrive to people with the first spring winds. How people were angry at crow, anyway, they are glad to see it. Because the crow is the first herald of spring in the North. And, maybe, because Khanty remember the time when they were living in peace and prosperity, and crow was white.

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