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Гимназия им. Чехова

My name is Dudka Ekaterina.
I am a student of the 9th form of Chekhov Gymnasium.

Dudka Ekaterina

I am very proud of the fact that the great Russian writer, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, studied in it.

On initiative of baron Kompengauzen, the governor of Taganrog, on the 1st of September 1806 the Emperor Alexander I gave the highest resolution to open the Commercial Gymnasium for boys in Taganrog. Kompengauzen started collecting money for this purpose and got the Tzar’s permission to donate a house that had been built for himself on public money to the gymnasium. The first director was Major-General Tregubov and the first students graduated in 1811.
In Chekhov's period of study in gymnasium it was possible to acquire knowledge in many subjects. Particular attention was paid to foreign languages: Latin, Greek, German and French. After graduating a student could read, write and speak one of them fluently. One of the teachers of that time was Alexander Fyodorovich Dyakonov, a teacher of Latin and Russian languages. He always followed the rules and demanded his students to do the same. This teacher was the prototype of Chekhov's "The man in the box." Now you can see his statue in front of the gymnasium.
Besides strict teachers there were the supervisors who watched the students. Delinquent boys were put in the punishment room. This sentence was a serious test for many of them.
All students had to wear a uniform, even during the holidays. The appearance in public in casual clothes was considered to be a serious offense. Undoubtedly the gymnasium had a significant impact on the cultural development of the city. It had its own library, bookstore, museum of history and geography, weather station, an extensive botanical garden. Gymnasium graduates were well-educated people ready to serve their Motherland.

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