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Darya Romanenko,
form 9A, school № 48.

Novouralsk is not far from the city Yekaterinburg. It is an industrial town. You can pass along small and clean streets, watch different design of the houses. And from the first sight you don’t find something special. But the place it is located reminds a fairy tale. It’s because of its fantastic nature that surrounds my town. It is the heart of the snowy Ural with incredibly unpredictable but so native climate. Imagine, this is the ice-covered door to the past. Let’s open it. Long long ago there lived a small tribe of hunters in these places. The leader wore necklace of the seven stones on his chest. Every stone had the magical power: courage, loyalty, joy, love, wisdom, health and luck. Once the chief of the Siberian khanate Kuchum learned about this necklace and gather the army to find and to take possession of the magic stones. It was the unequal battle where a tribe of hunters was killed. The mortally wounded leader was alone. He took off the necklace and threw it on the top of the mountain shouting the spell. The Seven stones of the necklace turned into the seven rock towers. So Kuchum was not able to carry heavy rocks with him to his place in Siberia. Now a lot of people admire the picturesque view of the rocks named Seven Brothers.
And there is another interesting place. It is called the Hanging Rock. The legend says that the necklace rope of the magic necklace was carried far away with the wind from the place of the battle with Kuchum and caught on a bush and also turned to the stone. It stands hanging over the city. And if it fell the hunters and their leader would become alive. And everyone would admire with their courage, loyalty, wisdom and health.

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