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МКОУ СОШ № 9 г. Тавды,
учащаяся 7а класса Иванова Дарья,
учащаяся 7в класса Замилова Райса.
Руководитель: учитель английского языка
Шумкова Алёна Михайловна.

There are a lot of places, cities, villages in our great country, but the best place for every person is his native town. Our home town is Tavda. It is located in Sverdlovskaya region. It's not a huge and modern city but it is a small cosy town. Tavda is situated on the banks of the Tavda river. By the way, some people say that the well-known and brave conquerer Ermac hid his riches on the banks of the Tavda river many years ago.And now some reckless treasure hunters try to find it.. Who knows maybe it's true or maybe it's just a beautiful legend.
Earlier our smal town was called the town of woods, because woodworking industry was developed well and a lot of trees were there in the town. Nowadays Tavda is a provincial town. Life is quiet and measured in this place. When I am going along the street I meet a plenty of friends and relatives, because everybody knows each other.
As for places of interest we have a great museum of woods. Its exhibition includes stuffed animals and birds, sections of different kinds of trees, collections devoted to the history of our factories and famous people and so on. Many schoolchildren often visit this museum. Also we are proud of the natural source of hot mineral water spurting from the ground. It's useful for ill people. Visitors have an opportunity to swim in the swimming-pool and rest during all seasons of the year.
So, we've told you a few words about our native town. And we hope that you have seen it as charming as we see and feel.

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