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Rezh, Sverdlovskaya region

Минеева Татьяна Александровна
МКОУ СОШ №10 г. Реж Свердловской обл.
Учитель английского языка

I want to tell you about my native town Rezh, which is located in Sverdlovskaya region. Rezh was founded as workmen’s settlement in 1773. It is a small town situated on the eastern slope of the Middle Urals. Nowadays about 5 thousand people live here. Its name comes from the river Rezh, on which it stands. The word «Rezh» means «rocky riversides». Indeed the river Rezh has over 60 large rocks and it is one of the most beautiful rivers in the Urals. The river Rezh is very picturesque. The town Rezh has the coat of arms and the flag. The blue color means a peaceful labour and the purity of nature. There is a lynx on the coat of arms and the flag of our town. The lynx symbolizes a vigilance and a observation of local population. There are three stones on the flag of Rezh. They symbolize the deposits of iron, copper and nickel, which are located around Rezh. There is the unique semiprecious belt of Urals in Rezhevskoy region. It is the State Natural Mineralogical Reserve «Rezhevskoy». There are 60 mines of amethysts, topazes, emeralds, opals and tourmalines in this reserve. There is the Mineralogical Museum in town Rezh. It organizes excursions to ancient semiprecious mines. It is very interesting for tourists and guests of our town. Welcome to Rezh!

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