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Любицева Вероника Николаевна
МБОУ «Северодвинская городская гимназия»

We are a lively company of school-leavers: Alexander Anuchin, Anton Burmagin, Yegor Petcheritsa. Yevgeniya Rustanovich, Ann Kushkova, Yegor Petrov, Konstantin Pyaterikov, Marya Menshikova, Yekaterina Shutikova, Kristina Chernova, Antonina Zhuravlyova and Yevgenya Stafidova. The roads which lie ahead may lead us far from our native city. Thus we decided to share with you our deep love to Severodvinsk and show what makes it unique and dear to our hearts.

Severodvinsk is a modern industrial city. Its history began in June, 1936 when the first builders arrived to the ruins of the Nicolo-Korelsky Monastery on the desert banks of the Severnaya Dvina. A city is like many others, scattered over the huge territory of Russia but for those who belong here it has its OWN poetry.
There are 3 reasons to visit Severodvinsk:
Reason 1: Nowhere in the world will you see such a huge enterprise which Severodvinsk is home to - the only in Russia State Nuclear Shipbuilding Centre. 45 ships, 163 submarines have been built here since 1939. At present the “new generation” of atomic submarines is being produced for the Navy. Civil production is focused on the oil and gas fields’ projects on the Arctic shelf and the construction of ocean mega-yachts. Reason 2: Nowhere in the world will you feel how really exotic harsh beauty may be. Colourful autumns are solemn. Cold winters turn the landscape into purity. Slushy springs give you the feeling of life waiting to explode into its full glory. The summers are short but the few days of round-the-clock sunlight and warmth teach us to love what is there for the moment. Don’t miss a chance to feel what White Nights really are! On such nights the severe shores of the White Sea look enchanting with their curved pine trees and sandy dunes. Reason 3: Nowhere in the world will you have a chance to make a voyage by a wheeled passenger river boat. “Nicolay Gogol” was built in 1911 which makes her the oldest side-wheel steamer in Russia to be in regular operation. You may not only express your admiration for this “floating relic” but also take a trip along the Severnaya Dvina on the last surviving steamer of her type.
When you come to Severodvinsk you will find your own reasons to fall in love with it forever!

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