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Sochi City Sightseeing Attractions

Данилюк Артём Юрьевич
Санкт-Петербургский КК МО РФ
Кадет 2 курса

I live in a city-resort of Sochi. I love my city very much and want to give some information about my favourite place here. It’s “Agura River Canyon – Akhun Mountain – Orlyniye Rocks” Complex Within the territory of the Sochi National Park there is one really unique place. On top of the highest in the vicinity of Sochi city Akhun mountain a tour was built in 1936. To get to its highest sightseeing ground it is necessary to surmount the stone staircase serpentine. Its every new turn opens to the visitors gorgeous panoramic views of the Black Sea, Caucasus Mountain Ridge and Sochi city lying spread before their eyes.
The author of the tower project, a talented architect S.I. Vorobyev, combined in his creation traditional for mountain-dwellers’ collective image of defensive installations and that of the Medieval castles. From the height of 700 meters above the sea level practically the whole territory of the Sochi city is seen. For many years Sochi dwellers and guests of the city have believed that in fair weather a far Turkish shore can be seen from the Akhun Mountain Tower.
After a short descent along the mountain path down the Akhun Mountain one can get to another not less popular place of interest – the Agura River Canyon. What can be more enigmatic and picturesque than a unique cascade of three waterfalls, one steeper than the other, surrounded with rising above cliffs? On the way to the legendary Orlyniye Rocks, where according to the legend Prometheus was chained, there also are many places of interest: “Love Grotto”, “Devil’s Hole” and at last the three meter high sculpture of the hero who bestowed fire upon people itself.
Welcome to this place and it will be your unforgettable experience!

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