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Saint- Petersburg: the Monument to manager

Даниель Романович Пирожков
ГБОУ НПО Профессиональный лицей
метростоя Санкт-Петербурга
Учащийся 1 курса по специальности
«Мастер по обработке цифровой информации»
Учитель-Лебедева Эльвира Эдуардовна

My name is Daniel. Saint- Petersburg is my native city. It is full of history. It is difficult to find a park or a square without a monument. There are a lot of monuments to famous and outstanding people. However, I would like to tell you about an unusual monument. It is called «Monument to the manager» and situated on Aptekarskaya Embankment in front of business center «Avenue». The monument was opened in 2008. The sculptures are Ignatiev and Prosolov. The monument is a symbol of modern life of busy and crowded city. You can see a bronze man sitting alone on the bench and working with a laptop. The man has no face, so it is impossible to understand if he is happy or sad. I think he is really a hard working person. He looks like me and you that’s why some people do not notice the monument some people take the seat next to him and use their laptops. Another strange thing connected with the monument-the ring wearing the man’s right hand. Single people believe that if they rub the ring they will get married soon. As a result the ring is the brightest detail of the monument. Come and see this monument. It is worth seeing.

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