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The Saint Petersburg Philharmonia

Курилова Софья
Мне 10 лет. Я учусь в 5 «А» классе.

I live in one of the beautiful cities of our country. It is Saint Petersburg. As many people I have some favourite places in my native city. But the most favourite one is the Saint Petersburg Philharmonia. It is the oldest philharmonia in Russia. It was built in 1839 by the architect P. Jacot for the St. Petersburg Assembly of the Noble. Since 1840es it has become the centre of musical life of Saint Petersburg. The famous musicians of 19th century performed here: F.Lizst, G.Berlioz, R.Wagner, A. Rubinstein, K.Schumann and many others. Many works of Russian classical tradition such as Borodin, Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky, and Rimsky-Korsakov were premiered here.
On June 21, 1921 the inauguration of the Petrograd Philharmonia took place. The first director of the Philharmonia was E. Couper. The Philharmonic Orchestra became its leading orchestra. Many orchestras gave concerts here. Among them were Chicago Orchestras, the Berlin, Vienna and New-York Philharmonic Orchestras.
And I know that Shostakovich’s career started here. His First Symphony was premiered on May 12, 1926. The outstanding composer performed in the Hall for many years. In 1930es, when he lived in Moscow he came here to premier his works. Nowadays the Saint Petersburg Philharmonia bears his name. The Grand Hall is one of the best concert halls in Europe. I like listening to the organ here. It sounds charmingly. I’ve been playing the piano in the Philharmonic Small Hall for 4 years and I hope that soon I will perform in the Grand Hall.

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