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The Chapel of Blessed Xenia of Petersburg

Begicheva Ksenia, Born in Moscow
School №1200. Form 9 «А».
Teacher Anisimova Olga Vladimirovna

Interests: music, nature, art, languages

Begicheva Ksenia

There are a lot of places of interest in the World which are dear to us. I would like to tell about a very special place which is really important for me. It is the Chapel of Blessed Xenia of Petersburg which is situated in the Smolensk Cemetery.
It was built in 1902 over the grave of Blessed Xenia. I have been here only once but I want to visit this place again. I was named in honor of Saint Xenia and her life and her deeds have had a great impression on me. She was a remarkable woman and tried her best to make the life of common people better. Saint Xenia was so loved by the citizens of St. Petersburg that after her death they came to take a handful of earth from her grave and it was decided to build a chapel there.
The Chapel of Blessed Xenia of Petersburg is rather small and comfortable. There is an unbelievable atmosphere in the Chapel. Everyone who wants can write his wishes and dreams down and put this list into a special box. It is believed that if you do it they will be fulfilled. If you want to find harmony and to forget everything bad in your life visit the Chapel of Blessed Xenia of Petersburg. You will not regret!

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