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“Night before exam”

Саяпина Ирина Сергеевна
МОУ «Кадетская школа №16»
17 лет. 10 «А» класс
Учитель Краюшкин С. В.

Our city Saratov is famous for its sights. It arrows interest especially in its historic and culture monuments. There are about six hundred monuments in Saratov.
The quite famous monuments of culture in Saratov are monuments that represent the ordinary life of citizens. The monument of a student who is sitting on a big pile of books and diligent bending over the textbook trying to get all of knowledge is familiar practically to everyone. Because of that this monument is precisely called “Night before exam”. It is possible to call this monument really national because a half of students at institutes, universities and academies come to this monument with a hope to get good notes in exams. Its authors are Andrey and Sergey Shcherbakovy.
This monument was the first one in Russia that was devoted to all students. The plan of its creation was to “become a creed that we can change our life. It is a symbol of youth, a wonderful student time when the world around is full of hopes and bright paints”. Originally this bronze monument had a golden shade, but with the time became green. Students joke that it occurred to it after the first session. Students believe that if you rub the bronze forehead or a knee of the monument before the exams all session will hand over successfully.

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