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The First Purpose-Built Circus in Russia

Петросян Анна, ученица 10А класса
МОУ «Средняя общеобразовательная школа №72», г. Саратов
Учитель – Гузева Наталия Владимировна

Do you like the world of circus? I do. For me it`s a long lasting supply of cheerfulness and energy. I like to go there when I feel sad and when I am happy. It gives me joy. That`s why I want to invite you to an unusual rendezvous: meet Saratov Circus named after Nikitin Brothers! Course, you may say:” Nothing special! Why just Circus? There are lots of them in different cities and towns of the country to say nothing of the world famous Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard.” Yet, do not be in a hurry. Few people know that the beginning of the Russian National Circus is traced to December 3 of 1873 when Nikitin brothers, three Saratov acrobats, became the first Russian circus entrepreneurs and important circus innovators. Instead of temporary structures for itinerant performers they established the first stationary building with a large canvas tent. It was opened in 1876, four years earlier than the permanent brick building for the circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard in Moscow.
The first performance gave a wide popularity to the circus growing ever since. It survived the hardest years of the Revolution, Civil War, starvation. During the Great Patriotic War it ran uninterrupted.
Famous Zapashny brothers, Mikhail Rumyantsev (Karandash), Oleg Popov (Sunny Clown) started their circus career in Saratov. With its rich tradition and enviable reputation, the Saratov Circus remains the standard by which many others are judged. Russian and International Circus Festivals are regularly held there.
After being rebuilt several times, the final version of the Circus was erected in 1998 for its 125th anniversary. It bears the names of Nikitin brothers above its entrance doors. It invites you to come and share the joy of the bright circus world.

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