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Marx is the Star of the Volga

Александров Сергей, Бабкин Данила,
Володин Максим, Шумилов Антон –
учащиеся 4 «а» класса МОУ – СОШ № 4
г. Маркса Саратовской области.
Учитель: Александрова Елена Анатольевна.

Marx is a small but very nice and clean town. It is located in Saratov region on the bank of the river Volga. Our town was founded in 1765 as a German colony by Derman colonist and called among colonist Baronsk in an honor of Baron Frederic Boregar De Kano. It was soon renamed and officially called Ekaterinenstadt, after Catherine II or Catherine the Great who gave the permission for building colony. In 1920 our town was renamed Marxstadt in the honor of the political leader Karl Marx. In 1941 during resettlement of Germans, the town was renamed as Marx. In our town there are 3 churches: Orthodox, Catholic, Lutheran, one chapel and the mosque. There are 5 small plants and factories, 5 schools, and 3 colleges: Art College and 2 agricultural colleges. You can see old and modern buildings In our town you can also visit local museum and learn more about the history of Marx. You can have a rest in Ekaterina’s parks, Children park, Youth and Hero allies. We are proud of our town! We love it! It’s the best! It’s the star of the Volga!

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